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Andy Roth arises from the fresh waters of the Midwest. Born in Milwaukee, his childhood was spent in and around the Great Lakes and their smaller cousins to the North in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Attending college at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls he was immersed in the spring creeks of the Driftless area and found the flowing waters and limestone terrain compelling. Completing a degree in Biology laid the groundwork for understanding the complexities of Mother Nature and the need to teach others about the importance of conservation. Throughout his life there has been a common thread to discovery, it is the fish, the flowing waters, and the beauty that surrounds them. Luck, love, and opportunity has enabled him to follow a dream through Fly Fishing.

Fly fishing guides are easy to find. Fly fishing guides who are patient teachers, knowledgeable anglers and have enjoyable personalities are rare. No matter what your age or occupation, a day on the water with me will be a memorable affair. For me, the chance to meet new people and teach fly fishing is an opportunity of fortune. In life, it is the relationships you forge and what you learn from those interactions that bring meaning. Adding to that, an understanding of the trout and the trees, the water and the wind, will enable you to unlock the wisdom of fly fishing. These thing I share willingly to those who wish to learn.

Andy Roth
Andy was formerly the manager of Bentley's Outfitters in Bloomington Minnesota, and has spent years mentoring students through the fine arts of Fly Fishing. His tying and casting classes have continued to fill year after year. A busy guide schedule allows him to teach in the best classroom possible. Andy, his wife Martha, their goats, horses, and dog live just to the east of the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers on a small trout stream.  

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