Apple & Willow River Kayaking

Family Kayaking in Wisconsin’s Apple River and Willow River.
The nature scenery and the water flowing gracefully down Apple River are in themselves reasons explore the Apple. Best known for inner tubing trips there is also some whitewater rafting and kayaking that is often easier than elsewhere in the state. The Apple is great for family kayaking and beginners alike. The river is usually navigable throughout spring and summer, and into fall.

The wonderful Wisconsin scenery and the cool fresh water make the trip here worthwhile. The Apple River cuts through the masses of limestone, dolomite and shale until massive cliffs now rise high above the water and canyons have formed. Vast ages of water and erosion widened and deepened the crevices as rivers and streams cut their way through the stone. Close-up views of the colorful canyon reveal walls dotted with mosses, lichens and tenacious bushes which have found crevices to hold their roots on the sheer walls.This scenic canyon area was formed by the action of the winding waters of Apple River.

The Apple River is a tributary of the St. Croix River, about 70 mi. long, in northwestern Wisconsin in the United States. The St. Croix River, it is part of the Mississippi River watershed.

Willow River
This is a great little river to make a day trip on. In the spring it can be quite fast with the snowpack meltingand a typical Wisconsin run-off event. In the summer and fall it is quite mild for the most part.

The width of this river is about 50-100 feet across-though during the spring run-off the banks overflow and can get as wide as 200 yards across. There are many places to stop and rest along the way. It is common to have to portage 4-5 times in the summer/fall seasons.

Kayaking the Apple or Willow River  |  1 day minimumMarch-November

$55 per person per day - all inclusive - 6 kayak minimum

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