Some wise woman once said, “Well behaved women rarely make history.”
Here’s to her! Cheers!

“Broad” Casters!

Wild Women!

What does that mean? Going against the grain, not accepting the run-of-the-mill, doing something different, being extra-ordinary.

What have you done lately to shake up the doldrums? Try something new. Getting into the outdoors is a great way to add something special to your life and create a stress reliever at the same time.

A wonderful way to add art and rhythm to your life is to try fly fishing. It is a peaceful way to connect with nature and feel a sort of accomplishment learning something new and different. I have a ladies fly fishing club where the ladies come to meet other outdoorsy ladies, learn fly fishing skills and of course enjoy a glass of wine and cheese!

Fly fishing can also be the vehicle for travel.
There are ma
ny beautiful places in the world to fly fish for many different species from freshwater to saltwater. I’ve just returned from doing a solo fly fishing trip to New Zealand for most of this past winter. The wonderful thing about that is that the Southern Hemisphere is opposite of here, so it was summer the whole time I was there! The key to traveling to the far corners of the earth is to have connections and destinations to look forward to. My ladies fly fishing club discusses travels far away as well as near. We are open to gals interests in different places and put trips together accordingly. It may just be a weekend in the Mid-West, or a half week in Florida. The further away trips require planning further out on the calendar and commitment deposits. Group trips are really fun and educational too!

Come and join us for an evening on the river, meet some new friends, and relax!

“Here's to the Ladies!”
Join our Kinni "Broad Casters" club gatherings,
Stay tuned for 2018 dates.....

6:00 p.m. at our fly shop. BYOB!    

March   | Getting out the Gear, Fly fish the Kinni

April   | Women's Wader & Boots info & order night

May    | Social & travel planning for winter.

June   | Basic Equipment & Casting

July    | Fly Fish the Kinni 

Aug.   |  Rush River Tour 
(Meet at 6:00 p.m. leave for Rush River at 6:15 p.m. sharp. 
Rush River Tour & fly fishing~Apres fly fishing at Vino in the Valley on the Rush River!)

  |  Fly fish the Kinni

   | Drift Boating for Bass!

  | Fly Tying 

   | Christmas Social!

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