leave no trace 

Green Practices

Please Enjoy the Outdoors Responsibly.
We are committed to the enjoyment, health and protection of recreational resources on natural lands for all people. We encourage green practices and believe that education is the best means to protect natural lands from recreational impacts while helping maintain access for recreation and enjoyment.

We believe that a sense of stewardship is gained through understanding and connecting with the natural world, and following the "leave no trace" methodology.

Our green practices:

Join our "Green Team" by taking these challenges or helping us add some!

 Use all CFL light bulbs.

 Re-use towels— ask guests to hang them up and re-use them!

  Use clothes line for solar drying!

 Use soap and shampoo dispensers. Recycle & compost all possible.

 Provide non-motorized outdoor activities.

 Kayak the Kinni 

Encourage bicycling inn to inn

Use local foods for our meals

 Yellow mellow. Brown down.

Ask all paddling customers to pick up litter on Kinni River

 Encourage ride sharing with kayakers pick up times 

 Encourage Catch and Release as a practice for our fishermen!  

 Have adopt a highway stretch that we trade helpers for kayak rentals!  

Keep a permeable driveway to filter run-off water before it hits the river.  

 Encourage locals to recreate and b&b locally.  

 Encourage locals to recreate locally on the river and parks  

 Drink locally with the new environmentally "friendly" brewery in town!  

 We are dedicated organ donors when the time comes...

   The Ultimate Recycle Plan!!!

“It’s not easy being green.”
                                                                                Kermit the Frog


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