Jeff Butler

Jeff Butler |  Outback Videographer

For as long as I can remember I have been actively participating in many activities, sports and hobbies in the natural beauty of the Great Outdoors. Many relatives and friends have influenced those early adventures, from my first camping trip to Nova Scotia with my Grandparents to my most recent travels in Alaska. I have been recording those memories thru photography and now videography. The pioneers in my life that have influenced that sense of adventure would be my grandparents. As my grandfathers told me stories of their travels, one went to China in 1917 and the other worked on the railroad in Alaska in 1945, I was inspired as a young boy growing up in Minnesota to someday follow their footsteps and pursue my own dreams.

As an avid fisherman, hunter, canoe guide, cyclist and backpacker I have gained the experience and confidence to accompany you on your adventures. With my outdoor experience that ranges from desert hunting to winter camping, I am confident and comfortable in the elements that make your many outdoor activities challenging. My 15 years experience working with Youth and Families from many economic, cultural and geographic locations has been invaluable in my willingness to work with all people. I heard a saying once " do what you love and the money will follow" well I rewrote that to read "do what you love and the enjoyment will follow" Video Ventures with me- Jeff Butler, as your personal videographer, will work with you, not just for you, to record your adventures, hobbies and outdoor activities.

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