“Whether you are looking to escape for a day or a weekend we're sure you'll find your next kayaking adventure here.”

Kayaking with Kinni Creek Outfitters

Human Powered Adventure.
Kayaking is becoming the world's fastest growing sport. It's more fun to paddle than a canoe, can go faster, manuvers better—you can take it down a rippin river or out on a peaceful lake. Kayaking is truley the most adventurous quiet sport.

At Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters we offer kayaking adventures for all skill levels. Perhaps you'd like a relaxing trip on the Kinnickinnic River near our lodge, or a more adventurous excursion on the world famous Brule and Namekogan Rivers in northern Wisconsin.

Whether you are looking to escape for a day or a weekend we're sure Kinni Creek Lodge and Outfitters is just what you're looking for.

For shorter jaunts, Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters also has kayak rentals for various length trips down the Kinnickinnic River, or shuttle service for folks that would like to bring their own kayaks.

Call us today for your next kayaking adventure.

A brief dry land lesson is complimentary for the asking at your launch. Longer on water lessons must be reserved in advance. We recommend the 45 minute distance with a guide for a total of a 1 hour lesson at $25 rental per person + $25 guide fee per party.

Hire a guide in advance for $30/hour.

What to bring
A waterproof watch, water bottle, snack, sunscreen, shoes that won't float off of your feet, & bug repellent.

What not to bring
Anything that you don't want lost or ruined including good prescripition glasses, jewelry, keys, wallets. Alcohol and drugs are NOT ACCEPTABLE on our trips. Do Not bring them. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Sigurd Olson wrote: " Wilderness to the people of America is a spiritual necessity, an antidote to the high pressure of modern life, a means of regaining serenity and equilibrium ... I have found that people go to the wilderness for many things, but the most important of these is perspective. They may think they go for the fishing, or the scenery or companionship, but in reality it is something far deeper. They go for the wilderness for the good of their souls."

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