Multiple Use

“Multiple Use” as viewed with Recreation Resource Management.
Many activities occur daily along the rivers we so love to retreat to. These things include hiking, fly fishing, picnicking, spin casting, kayaking, wildlife viewing, canoeing, artists working, hunting, class room field trips, farming and more. This also includes use of private as well as public lands.  

The two activities that we are mostly a part of at Kinni Creek Outfitters include fly fishing and kayaking. To this end we encourage a simple way for recreational users to simultaneously enjoy the river:

Kayakers are encouraged to use river etiquette by:
Signing a waiver with river etiqutte & rules:
This is NOT a ride at an Amusement water park. This IS a REAL RIVER. 
Participants are required to sign a waiver stating that they understand the dangers, hazards and obstacles of the wilderness kayaking adventure and are participating of their own free will in Solo kayaks
1. Never disturb fishermen, paddle quietly by. 
2. Pick up all litter you see, tires too. 
3. Be alert to what is ahead, READ THE RIVER. 
4. Wear the personal floatation device, be safe.
5. Do not bring alcohol or drugs. (Enjoy beverages after the wilderness adventure.)

Recreational Kayakers are only allowed to launch during the hottest part of the day between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on the Lower Canyon and between 10:30 and 4:30 on the Upper River.

Fly Fishermen are also encouraged to use river etiquette by:

1. Acknowledging other uses of the river and the resources it offers.
2. Kindly instructing paddlers to pass behind them, around their line, or simply  
    retrieving the line to let paddlers pass. 

Fly fishermen have discovered that kayaking the Lower Canyon on the Kinni is a very valuable way to gain 100% access to areas of the river that were previously inaccessable through private lands. It saves them time from hiking all day as well as giving them a vehicle to store their gear as an alternate to their back. The kayak rental also includes a shuttle service. Fly fishermen MUST inquire about earlier launches.

Paige Olson "Soul Proprietor" of Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters Fly Shop
Created the "Kinni Litter" Program at the Turn of the Century in order to keep the Kinni cleaned up on a daily basis! 
We send kitchen size garbage bags with our kayak rentals and challenge them to fill a bag full in exchange for a free kayak rental for their next trip! 
Kayakers also are encouraged to pick up any tires they find and haul them out on the deck of the kayak, also in exchange for a free kayak rental for their next trip! 
We also encourage our fly fishermen to pack out litter in their vests and creels. 
We've filled numerous  dumpsters and recycled dozens of tires since the Turn of the Century! 

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