New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure

Join Us for a Fly Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime.
If you are looking for a fly fishing experience of a lifetime, you will love the fly fishing adventure of New Zealand. Trout are big and plentiful throughout the country. Lakes, rivers, backcountry stream and spring creeks all offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy fishing at its very best. In the South Island you can also fish for salmon in many places.You will love the combination of large trout, uncrowded rivers  and striking scenery.

The Kiwi style of spotting and stalking wild rainbow & brown trout is what makes your fishing experience here exciting, challenging, and unique. Being guided is the best way to maximize your fishing time while in the New Zealand.

Most waters in New Zealand are in the public domain. Many are easily accessed via public right of way. Others can usually be visited through landowner permission.

Rainbow and brown trout exist in abundance in most waters. A variety of fishing methods can be used to catch them. Please be aware of local regulations regarding seasons, catch limits, licensing laws and fishing methods.

Your chance of a trophy trout could only be a cast away! We've got 8 spots total for this Odyssey to New Zealand. Call for details to join the 2017 trip to New Zealand!

Trip Trip Length

Trip Fees

South Island
7 days/6 nights
Call for details
 North Island 7 days/6 nights
Call for details
Airfare not included, call for details
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