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We have been very fortunate to have the best customers from all over the world! Many of them have been kind and written graceful reviews about their experiences here at Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters. Read on and enjoy the many, many compliments, and don't forget to check out our new guest book!

“Paige, I want to thank you & Andy for the great time we had yesterday with the beginner fly fishing class. The time just flew by on the quick drive from the metro area to get there. The flexible and casual atmosphere seemed to fit everyone and the small class size really allowed for personalized attention to detail. We learned so much more than just the basic components of fly fishing - history of the area, the environment, the sport, the people and the fish.?The value of this class went way beyond the how-to and really couldn't have gone any better. Given the chance, I'll highly recommend you & your offerings in the future.”

~Thanks again, Jim Danielson

"A Spin down the Kinni"
From friendly River Falls, it's a wild ride on the water....
“On Wisconsin's Kinnickinnic River, paddling is a lot like playing pinball–except your boat is the ball. Quickened by springs and creeks as it flows toward the St. Croix, the Kinni is no lazy river. Cold and insistent, it scoops up a boat and gives it a ride, slapping it between boulders, bumping it over rubble and shooting it over rapids. All the person in the boat has to do is sit tight and steer. On a warm summer day, it's the coolest possible place to play....” - Posted on Sun, Aug. 20, 2006

“For an overnight stay or an outing for a day on the river, the Kinni Creek Lodge & Outfitters is a perfect getaway.”

~Pierce County Travel Magazine

“My family was very comfortable here, it's nice to have some privacy.”

~Priest Holmes Family, KC Chiefs

“An Inn with Adventure!”
                            ~Wisconsin West Magazine ~

“What a great place for such a wee bit of a lodge! 'An fishin' righ-'tout the door too!”

~John Breslin, Ireland fly fishing guide

“The paddling had been splendid. The river was in fine shape, despite our occasional grinding on shallow gravel bars. We flushed Canada geese, hooded mergansers and wood ducks from their solitary pools and saw the handiwork of a hungry beaver on nearby oaks. We paddled through several clouds of midges, which were of extreme interest to Roth, who brought along his fly-fishing gear.”

~Chris Niskanen St. Paul Pioneer Press

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